ADATB podcast #123 vom 14.9.2016

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ADATB podcast #123 vom 14.9.2016

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A Day at the Beach
Playlist for Podcast #123
September 14, 2016

One-hour surf-instrumental music. Free as always!

Podcasts can be streamed or downloaded from:

The Kilaueas
The Kilaueas and Surfer Joe play The Astronauts and More

Sys Malakian
Melt Panic
El Sorfista

Davie Allan & The Arrows
Baja Wave
50th Anniversary

Martin Cilia
Lost in Waikiki
Sleep Walk

Los Atascados
Brisa a Marte
Sensacional de Tablistas

The Moe Greene Specials
Santo Trafficante
The Moe Greene Specials

The Grande Bois
S.A. Movement (Surf-A-Holics Anonymous)
Surf Salvation

The Ampfibians
The Theme from The Ampfibians
The Surf Guitar Heard ‘Round the World

Crazy Aces

The Supertones
All for a Few Perfect Waves

The Space Cossacks
Transatlantic Orbit
Live Supernova ... 9421524611

Radio Waves from the Bottom
Robotron versus the Invincible and Indestructible Reptilicus

Misto Vetrina
Dal Terrificante Planeta Hula Ba-Dula

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited
Der Ermittler
The Fluid Soundbox

Big Mick and The Curl
Kookoo Laylay
Paddle Out ... 1836212207

Surfer Joe
The Kilaueas and Surfer Joe play The Astronauts and More

The Me Gustas
Sunset Storm


Twitter: @CBeachwood
Instagram: ClintBeachwood
Mailing Address: Please contact me…

If you want your music on the podcast, please contact me.

Thanks: Austin Ribbon Microphones for the podcast website. Visit for incredible DIY ribbon microphones and pre-amps!
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