ADATB podcast #122 vom 28.8.16

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ADATB podcast #122 vom 28.8.16

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A Day at the Beach
Playlist for Podcast #122
August 28, 2016

One-hour surf-instrumental music. Free as always!

Podcasts can be streamed or downloaded from:

3 Balls of Fire
Report from the Oort Cloud
Friday Night at Ego’s Lounge

Los Atascados
De Tanto Amor… (Me Vengo en Tinieblas)
Sensacional de Tablistas ... -tablistas

The Ampfibians
Surf Riders in the Sky
Enigma of the Deep

The Kaygles
Bringing Sand to the Beach

The Grande Bois
The Last Outpost
Surf Salvation

The El Caminos
Death Race
Behind the Surf

Bamboogie Injections
900SP Test at the Blind Center
Wild Dandelion Stomping

Surfer Joe & The Dead Rocks
The South Swell
b/w Go-Go Martucci

The Space Cossacks
The Space Victory Theme
Live Supernova ... 9421524611

The Tsunamibots
Binary Beach
Surfing Craze in the Robotic Age

Crazy Aces
Rudy’s Revenge

The Phantom Dragsters
Devil Race
The Continental Magazine Issue #24 Compilation CD ... 7522456512

The Tremolo Beer Gut
Caipirinha River Cruise
b/w A Minha Menina

Urban Surf Kings
7 Veils a Go-Go

Susan Surftone
The Magician

The Bending of Space-Time
Robotron versus the Invincible and Indestructible Reptilicus

Sys Malakian
Sea Monster
Drifting with the Tide

Martin Cilia
Search for Surf
Sleep Walk


Twitter: @Cbeachwood
Instagram: ClintBeachwood
Mailing Address: Please contact me…

If you want your music on the podcast, please contact me.

Thanks: Austin Ribbon Microphones for the podcast website. Visit for incredible DIY ribbon microphones and pre-amps!
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