ADATB podcast 120 vom 6.6.16

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ADATB podcast 120 vom 6.6.16

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A Day at the Beach
Playlist for Podcast #120
June 6, 2016

One-hour surf-instrumental music. Free as always!

Podcasts can be streamed or downloaded from:

Bamboogie Injections
Rainbow Hunter
Wild Dandelion Stomping

Blackball Bandits
Azteca Verano

Los Venturas
Pradesh Hypno Beat
Miles High

Codename: Carter
Perfect Clarity, Perfect Cut
Codename: Carter

The El Caminos
T.J. Slough (alt. take)
Behind the Surf

The Thigh Who Loved Me

The Phantom Operators
Across the Mojave
Hasta Muerte

The Air Cats Band
One Day in Barcelona
Invisible Air Cats

Ilha Virgem
The Exotic Sound of Jungle Surfers

Los Grainders Surf Band
Los Grainders Surf Band

Monsters on Vacation
Floating Face Down
Monsters on Vacation

The Volcanics
Stompin’ Garage

The Aqua Barons
Harbour Love
Southeast Stompers

Los Surfers Compadres
El Corrido de Monterrey
… in a Psychedelic Western

The Exotics
Vila Nova
Go Go Guitars

Mr. Mysterioso
In Stereo

The Tsunamibots
Anti-Human Interface
Surfing in the Robotic Age

Jonny & The Shamen
Loco-Motives 9999
Anthology of Espionage

The Splashdowns
Space Probe
Back to the Moon … in 2022


Twitter: @Cbeachwood
Instagram: ClintBeachwood
Mailing Address: Please contact me…

Everything you're hearing on the podcast is music sent to me for playing on the show. If you want your music on the podcast, please contact me.
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