ADATB podcast 118 vom 5.4.16

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ADATB podcast 118 vom 5.4.16

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A Day at the Beach
Playlist for Podcast #118
April 5, 2016

One-hour surf-instrumental music. Free as always!

Podcasts can be streamed or downloaded from:

The Air Cats Band
Brothers in the Storm
Invisible Air Cats ... 2765027358

The Razorblades
You Make My Heart Go Boom
New Songs for the Weird People

Insect Surfers
Lyve in the Valley of the Sun

Los Kahunas
Goofin’ Around with You
7 Mares

Jonny & The Shamen
Boris Bomb
Anthology of Espionage

The Moths
Depth Charge
To Hell with The Moths

Los Walkysons
El Tio Camuñas
HITS - All Their Greatest & More

Combat Surf

The Glasgow Tiki Shakers
Velvet Surf
In Venice

The Compadres
Mililla y Fez
Surf desde Latitud Cero

The Coffin Daggers
Aggravatin’ Rhythms

The Retroliners
Black Triumph
Mods & Rockers

Warning: Reverb Instrumentals

The Star Time Playboys
I’m Surfish
Digital Single

The Vivisectors
Cowboy Surfer
Happy Halloween

The Splashdowns
Space Race
Back to the Moon … in 2022

Stories from Shamehill
The Cannonball Rum Theme
Same Same but Different

The Thurston Lava Tube
Fritter Capsule
The Pink Elephant with Nipples for Tusks

Twitter: @Cbeachwood
Instagram: ClintBeachwood
Mailing Address: Please contact me…

Everything you're hearing on the podcast is music sent to me for playing on the show. If you want your music on the podcast, please contact me.
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