ADATB podcast 117vom 1.3.16

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ADATB podcast 117vom 1.3.16

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A Day at the Beach
Playlist for Podcast #117
March 1, 2016

One-hour surf-instrumental music. Free as always!

Podcasts can be streamed or downloaded from:

~~~~~~ *This podcast features another CD give-away! ~~~~~~

The Real Gone
The Garage
The Real Gone

The Coffin Daggers
Three Blue Stars
Aggravatin’ Rhythms

13th Magic Skull
The Fabulous Marc Bistro
Sungazing in Rapa Nui

The Hang-Ten Hangmen
Destination Saturn
The Hang-Ten Hangmen

The Charades Band
Surf-Age Nuggets

The Twang-O-Matics
Boss Lady
Fretboard Mojo

The Ghastly Ones
Intro / Target: Draculon
Target: Draculon*

Dick Dale
Surf Buggy
Dick Dale at the Drags

The Cruncher
Schlicktown Surf

Par Avion
Squad Car
Surfing the Friendly Skies

3 Balls of Fire
Soul Surfin’

Frankie and the Poolboys
Sundial Suite
The Adventures of Cap’n Coconuts

Combat Surf

The Thurston Lava Tube
Queen Anne’s Revenge
The Year of the Dog

The Turbosonics
Dune Burger
Tres Gatos Suave

The Moths
The Hell with The Moths

The Razorblades
Kim & Thurston
New Songs for the Weird People

The TarantinosNYC
Surfing the Silver Screen


Twitter: @Cbeachwood
Instagram: ClintBeachwood
Mailing Address: Please contact me…

Everything you're hearing on the podcast is music sent to me for playing on the show. If you want your music on the podcast, please contact me.

Thanks: Austin Ribbon Microphones for the podcast website. Visit for incredible DIY ribbon microphones and pre-amps!

* Target: Draculon is the freebie for this podcast. This new, still in the shrink-wrap CD was donated to the podcast by Moby Duck… faithful long-time listener. Listen to the podcast to find the trivia question and be the first to contact me with the answer(s). Thanks to Moby Duck and The Ghastly Ones!
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